I have only ever made 1 shawl since the time I started crocheting and that was the Shell & Lace Shawl. I have never used it although when I completed making it, I did really look forward to wearing it in the winter. But I haven’t. The style didn’t really suit me and I felt kinda silly sporting it (even more so when I saw the better half snickering). So its safely wrapped and stored in a suitcase filled with crocheted things.

But that does not stop me from admiring shawls and now that summer is here, here’s a compilation of some summery, lacy shawls that I would like to make, even though they’re not really a thing one would wear here because of the dreadful heat.

Shawl Patterns

  1. Its a Sunny Day Shawl 
  2. X-Stitch Summer Wrap
  3. Doubled Pineapples Fling Wrap
  4. Tropical Delight Shawl (Paid pattern)
  5. Fortune’s Shawlette
  6. Bridal Shawl

Really, really pretty, aren’t they all?