Sophie's Universe 2

One of the WIPs I’m currently enjoying making is the ever-popular Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys. She’s made 3 beautiful versions : Large / Medium / Small.

I’m attempting the Large size and so far I’ve completed Parts 1-4 of the 21 parts involved in this project.

Sophie's Universe 4

Its a really interesting and inspiring project, one that I started on a whim and I’m now finding really hard to put down.

The pattern is very elaborate and so very easy to follow with a whole lot of pictures to support each round. Instructions for every row is crystal clear to the minute details and frankly, I’m amazed at her pattern-writing skills. Despite that, I did make some careless errors which are not really noticeable unless one looks really closely at each round and knows what to look for 🙂

My major mistake was not having read the Important Notes BEFORE beginning the project. But thankfully, I looked at it just in time to notice that different hook sizes need to be used for certain parts of the project in order to end up with a properly flat and neat final piece.

I’m quite happy with the cheerful colors I’ve used for this and I honestly can’t wait to see what its going to look like once complete 🙂