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Block 11 of Moogly CAL 2016 was released on the 26th of May. I completed mine just yesterday. On my second attempt!!

The block is called Squared Ripples by KatiDCreations.

I liked the way her square turned out. Looked like an optical illusion. Mine just looks normal. Without the slightest hint of any illusion, whatsoever. And a little crooked too, to top it.


The first time round, this was what my square looked like 😀 –


To think I never noticed something was wrong until I was smugly uploading this picture in the Ravelry group and saw everybody else’s looked different!! Was I glad I decided to admire all the other squares BEFORE I shared mine.

Back I went to re-read the pattern and realized I missed so many steps from Row 9 onward. Then when I started it the second time, the instructions seemed a little muddled to me because of all the repetitions in every row. I finally had to give up reading it because it was getting me totally annoyed and unnecessarily worked up.

So after a few minutes of gazing at the picture, my mind slowly registered where all the stitches were supposed to go.

This really is a unique square. And I’m still finding it strange that I didn’t notice the difference between our squares in the beginning. I’d like to blame the illusion-effect her square had on me. Made my brain fuzzy.