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Almost 2 weeks ago, I had posted a few of my favorite summer shawl patterns that you can read about here.

And, I have most definitely finished one of them 🙂 – The X-Stitch Summer Wrap by Pattern Paradise.

X-Stitch Shawl

My shawl came out a little slimmer because the yarn I used is a GORGEOUS micro-fiber yarn by Alize (range : Diva Silk Effect).

It is beautifully soft with a silky sheen and drapes well. Each ball is a 100 gm and I used 2 whole balls for the wrap. I had to add on rows for my project because it was turning out to be small length-wise. For the border, I used a solid Teal color of the same brand and only less than a quarter of the ball. Hook size used was a 5.5mm.

Of course, its not practical for me to use it in the summer here because it gets really, really hot (up to 58 degrees Celsius; although one time it got to 62!!).

But I am definitely wearing it in the winter because if I scrunch it up, it can be a really warm scarf, although the lacyness won’t be seen when worn thickly around my neck.

That’s alright, I guess. At least it will be put to use instead of being stashed away 🙂


I LOVE how the sunlight really make the colors pop!

I have 3 more varieties of the variegated yarn and solid colors that go with them.


Can’t wait to figure out what to make with them!

But before that, I can now peacefully resume with my Sophie and I hope to get a few more parts completed real soon.