The Kalevala CAL


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As mentioned 2 posts ago, I had joined in with the Kalevala CAL . Although I made my 1st square 2 weeks ago, progress on this CAL has been quite slow for me. They’re already out with their 8th Square and I’m still working on the 3rd 🙂

I found this to be a challenging project and the construction of the squares that I have worked on so far has been quite tricky. The first square was relatively easy, the second one was a little intricate and the 3rd one seems to be easy in the beginning but reading the later rounds have got me looking pretty closely at the pictures to figure out what needs to be done.


The Second Square – Bluebill’s Nest (when it was a WIP)


The First Square (Ilmatar), the Second Square (Blue Bill’s Nest) and the beginnings of the Third Square (Birth of the World)

And I’m using mercerized cotton for this project.. I’ve only ever used mercerized cotton for doilies and mandalas. So this is a first for me to use this yarn for a blanket. This might end up being a light-weight one, I suppose.

The pictures of the completed blankets on their blog looks really pretty too. And there’s one in greys with a splash of pink that reminded me of my Moogly CAL blanket last year 🙂

Are any of you doing this?


A bunch of Mandalas and Some New CALs


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Phew! So glad to have gotten this over with! And I don’t think I’d like to see another mandala for a long, long time (Easier said than done, isn’t it??).

All 10 mandalas are now hooped and bagged up for my daughter to take to school tomorrow. She has a thematic assembly and these will be gifted to her teachers then.

Now I can peacefully get back to all the WIPs that’s been calling out to me! And I’ve also set my eyes on quite a few CALs that’s been takin’ over the Crochet Groups on FB and some being talked about . And they all seem to be SO VERY interesting!

Here are a few I’ve compiled that I’m dreadfully in love with and hoping to be able to join in:


Took me a little while to notice the blanket in the below picture! 😉 And I did manage to complete the First Square (Imaltar). Will post it later.


2. Spirit of Life Wrap CAL (Yet to Begin)

Spirits of Life Wrap CAL

3. Mayan CAL (Yet to Begin)


4. Amanzi Block Throw (Not entirely sure if this is a CAL, though)

Amanzi Block Throw

4. Seize The Daisies CAL (Yet to Begin)


5. 12 Weeks of Christmas CAL (Yet to Begin)



Wouldn’t it be great if I could make them ALL!!!

I’m Back!!


Hello Lovely Readers!

Hope you all have been fabulous!

I’ve been so very, very busy the past 2 months. What with attending to royalty and then having a spot of my own vacation, blogging had been the last thing on my mind!

After my last post, a few colleagues and I traveled to India on an assignment. The ruler of the country I work in, had plans to visit Delhi on a private trip and our company had the grand privilege of arranging the event. Apart from the sleepless nights and the panic attacks where I kept thinking everything would end up disastrous and we could all get deported, it was an AMAZING learning experience. The event turned out to be a success too! So thankful that I have some fantastic colleagues! I even managed to get a picture clicked with His Highness, which was pure luck, honestly. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! And to think I was so upset at being sent to the said place at first 😀 !

Once that ended and I got back, it was soon time for me to go on my annual vacation to India (again!). Had a wonderful time with parents. Oh how I miss their love (sometimes I think my parents are the only people in the world who loves me selflessly 🙂 ). And this time round, my allergies didn’t act up, despite the dreadful humidity (Thank God for small mercies!!).

Here’s a glimpse of my village back home –





I always get to see an elephant when I’m there!!

Pretty little place, isn’t it?

Managed to get a bit of crocheting done too. My 12 year old came up with a plan of wanting to gift things to her teachers on Teachers’ Day in September and asked if I could crochet something for them. She’s got 10 teachers to gift and it was a good thing she came up with this idea well in advance and not last minute (as is the usual!). We finally settled on making mandalas for them that would be attached to hoops so her teachers could hang them wherever. Will show them once they’re all done and I’m almost there.

Now that I’m back, I’m looking forward to posting more often. And I have a LOT of catching up to do with you all too 🙂

Wishing you all a great week ahead!



I’ve got a new WIP going.. And yes, this kit was also a part of my yarn stash.. And I have a very long way to go with this one!

Just completed one motif and I’m pretty sure many of you already know which pattern this belongs to 😉


Finished Project – “Fiesta Afghan”


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Hello Lovely readers!

Another project is now off my hook 🙂 ! Very pleased with how they are all turning out to be.

This project is the “Fiesta Afghan” found in the April 2016 issue of I Like Crochet magazine. The colors were selected by my 12 yr old although I couldn’t help thinking they looked a little flag-like : the Ghana flag has these similar colors 🙂

But I like it, just the way it is!


So, now that I’m slowly and steadily finishing off my yarn stash, the better half (very kindly) took me to the yarn shop to see if the grey shades of yarn needed for my Moroccan Afghan were back in stock. And they were!!!

I shall be posting a completed picture of it, soon enough 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!


Finished Project – “The Mini Rings of Change” Baby Blanket


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Finally completed another baby blanket!

Mini Rings of Change 5Mini Rings of Change 1Mini Rings of Change 4

Pattern is by Frank O’ Randle called the The Mini Rings of Change and this was one I had included in one of my earlier posts about some cool Mandalas that had really taken my fancy.

My Finished Objects are taking a lot longer to get off my hook than I would have liked. Seriously wishing I could treat myself to some new yarns just for a little bit of motivation 😦

Now on to the next project…


Finished Project – The Virus Blanket


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My blog has been awfully quiet these past couple of weeks. It was a little on purpose because I didn’t want the added stress of writing up a post when I have been, quite madly, trying to finish off my yarn stash if I am to have any hope of bringing in more 🙂

The better half has put his foot down on this and I had no choice but to meekly accept his decision. So I’ve been trying to get everything sorted out and make Finished Objects out of them all.

One of the finished project is the Virus Blanket I made. Its baby-size because that’s the only amount of yarn I had in the stash. I used the Ice-Yarn Magic Baby brand and its one of the 2 varieties of the most softest yarns I own. I can’t get over how squishy and marshmallow-y it feels and I had been holding on to it for God-knows-what.

This pattern was decided on in a rush. I’m not entirely sure if I did the yarn justice by turning it into something so simple, but I love how its turned out. The pattern basically consists of a repetition of 4 rows and once you memorize it, then its a breeze. This was completed on my car-rides to work and back.




I have one more variety of this brand left and I’ve begun working on something a little more intricate with it which might take another week to finish.

Sadly, I still haven’t been able to get back to my Moroccan Tile Afghan. All suggestions and requests of going to the yarn-shop to take a peek on whether they have re-stocked has been falling on deaf ears and I dare not push it any further. So my pretty little WIP has ended up with the Sophie WIP in her basket.

Since I have been on a race to finish off my yarns, I’ll  be back soon with more of my completed projects. Have a lovely week, all!

Crocheted Rugs



My Moroccan Tile Afghan is on hold because I ran out of the dark grey shades of yarn in between rounds. A visit to my local yarn store also proved unfruitful because they didn’t have stock. So while I have been waiting for them to re-stock, I finished crocheting 2 rugs yesterday. Took me 2 days for each. Its the first time I’ve made rugs and they are actually just thicker versions of a mandala or a doily.

I had some Ice Yarns (Magic Bulky) lying about and I thought I might as well use them to make rugs and finish them off so I can have more space in my yarn cupboard. I always had a thing about making rugs because I don’t want anyone stepping on them. I don’t think I’d mind it much if it just lay in a remote corner looking pretty. Or maybe on a large table like a center-piece. But this is too thick for that.

The pattern I used is the popular Mandala Rug.


The cream portion of my rug is 2 strands of worsted weight yarn also by Ice Yarns (Favorite).

Although the brown one came out flat, the pink/peachy one is a bit ruffled at the edges. I don’t know how that happened. I am thinking it could be because I used the Bulky yarn for the center portion of this rug.

I still love them, though!

I have seen some oval-shaped rugs that I’ve fallen in love with too and I will be making those. Will put up pictures once done. Take a look at these beauties while we’re on the subject of rugs :


Have a great weekend, all!

A Short and Lovely Trip to Tbilisi, Georgia


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I had a lovely long weekend last week. Made a short trip to Tbilisi, Georgia with 2 of my colleagues from work for 3 nights and had a blast!

A beautiful country and one that would be much more appreciated in the spring/summer than in winter. It is much too cold now and being someone who loves the heat, I still enjoyed the beauty of the place.

We went on Thursday evening and got back Monday morning. Visas are upon arrival in Georgia and that is one major plus-factor for most us expats from the GCC who needs to get visas prior to travel to any country. So any expat holding a valid Residence Permit from any of the GCC countries can travel to Georgia without any visa fuss .

I was also told that Georgian immigration greets all visitors with a welcome drink! Which didn’t happen with us, though 🙂 . Must have been wishful thinking on somebody’s part!

Our guide (Nino) and driver (Zaza) from Wonders Infinity Group (Tour Operator) were the most fun-filled guide and driver I have ever met! Kept us in peals of laughter with their camaraderie on whose village is the best kept secret in Georgia and general bickering. What was so charming about them was how passionate they were about their country. They tried to show us every little thing there was to see with so much enthusiasm, it was infectious. And what we loved most about the place was how genuine, friendly and unpretentious the people were.

We visited Georgia’s best Ski Resort – Gudauri – where I had my first ever paragliding experience! It was amazing and although I am glad I did it, I wished with all of my being that it wasn’t so freezing cold! I was almost on the verge of frostbites and I could actually feel my feet and fingers frozen in places and desperately wanted it to end. Minus 20 degrees is no joke!


On the Road to Gudauri


A lone Tea Stall on a hill along the way. They even had a hammock to swing on 🙂




Me in the air with my pilot.

The second day took us to Lake Lopota in the beautiful wine-making region of Kakheti. If it was summer, the place would have been lush green. But winter saw us passing acres of snowy and brown landscape in Kakheti that were actually vineyards with millions of stems sticking out of the ground. Come August, they would be ripe for harvest. Lake Lopota is a resort perfect for families and also corporate events with a private lake, surrounding which are hotels, cottages, swimming pools, sauna, spa, restaurants and even a stable. We took turns to ride a lovely chest-nut brown horse named Nisha. That was a first too, for me. We also spent a few moments admiring the rakish, stable-boys. I couldn’t help thinking how one of them looked a little like Jake Gyllenhaal 😀


Lake Lopota Resort and Spa


Lake Lopota Resort and Spa


The Lake Lopota – frozen a little bit here and there


All of us except Zaza


Nino and I


A bit of Horse-Riding

The last day was spent in the city of Tbilisi and a long drive to Mtshketa. The quaint old town of Tbilisi, the museums, the monasteries and churches in both Tbilisi and Mtshketa all had their own charm. If you like touring places where old is gold, then Georgia is definitely a must-see. The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral located in Mtshketa preserves the cloaks of Christ and the Prophet Elijah. We can’t see them, though, because they are buried underground. But I was still in awe at being so close to something so historically and spiritually powerful.


Inside the Stetitskhoveli Cathedral – Under this column is the robe of Christ buried


The Zhinvali Water Reservoir – It looks more beautiful on my phone where the water is actually turquoise colored 🙂


A small frozen waterfall in town


The Bridge of Peace – a little bit at odds with the oldness of the city


View of Tbilisi at day


View of Tbilisi at night


Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral

Dining and shopping is very, very, very reasonably priced. They do not have brands in the likes of a Dior or a Chanel. But they do have brands like Zara, Mango, Aldo, Charles & Keith, Clarks etc to name a few with prices being half of what I would have paid for in Kuwait. Their food is fresh and all produce comes from their local villages and mountains. I am told restaurants are not allowed to use frozen stuff which is not so hard to believe because we could actually taste the difference in the food there and what we are used to here in Kuwait. We got the chance to try out the Georgian Chacha too! Burned down my throat all the way to the tips of my toes!! All I could muster were 3 sips. Its supposed to be a drink for real men, apparently 😀


At a traditional Georgian Restaurant with live music


The Tsiskvili Restaurant – Tbilisi’s best – On our last night


The country will soon be a part of the EU in another 3 months and tourism is still in its infancy. English is not widely spoken, so having a guide with you to tour around is the way to go.

A totally charming place with great value for money and definitely worthy of a visit.