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This post is basically just to rave about a product that has finally made a difference to a heady problem that I’ve been trying to deal with since the past 2-3 yrs.

I’ve been living in the Middle East for almost 28 years of my 36 year old life. The majority of my expat life (childhood included) had been in Dubai and I moved to Kuwait just 9 years ago.

But despite the fact that I love my life in Kuwait tons better than I did in Dubai, the extreme dryness of the weather here, not to mention the chlorinated water that my hair has been subjected to these past few years has seriously taken its toll. Dandruff, itchy scalp and hair loss became a problem I grieved over every single day. I’ve tried out so many shampoos and natural remedies and its all become a useless, tiresome affair, really.

Until I read somewhere about shower-filters (never heard of them before) and decided last month to at least try it out and see if it fixed the water problem.

And it did!! Why didn’t it ever cross my mind to check this out earlier??

Its still early days, but I can already feel the difference! My scalp does not itch so much any more, my hair feels SO soft, doesn’t tangle up as much as it used to, and the dandruff has drastically reduced! I don’t expect it to completely disappear, because, well.. what can one do about the weather..

So! The Aroma Sense Shower Head that I’ve got is a US product (made in Korea) and is used in quite a few leading 5 star hotels. The one I have is the Large hand-held option that I bought from a fellow expat-mum who had a few in stock (for KWD23/-). I think the price online is around KWD31/-


It uses the concept of Aromatherapy – a process that uses natural oils from plants that helps to stimulate brain function and enhances psychological and physical well-being. They have a choice of 5 aromas (Lemon/Citrus Mango /Eucalyptus/Lavender/Jasmine) that’s stored in a cartridge in the handle portion of the shower-head.

Mine is Lemon. So every time I turn it on, my bathroom is infused with a lovely lemony fragrance.


Cleaning and maintenance is easy. The official site has a few videos on how to install and maintain the shower-head too.


The only draw-back is replacing the Aroma and Vitamin C cartridge when they run out. And since I don’t really think this product is sold here in Kuwait by any retailers, I will have to shop it online from Dubai (which I can see costs approx. KWD15 for 3 cartridges + shipping). This might prove to be a little expensive, but I don’t think I can give it a miss because even if I’m ok to go without the aroma, the Vitamin C neutralizes the chlorine in the water. Which is the whole purpose of me getting this product.

And when I do order them, I am definitely getting the Jasmine fragrance next 😉 .

Overall, I am very pleased about the condition of my hair and the fact that I get to enjoy a spa therapy in my own bathroom :). And I am so hoping to see more hair on my head and less on my hairbrush soon too!

Have any of you tried it? Let me know if you have and what you think of it.

Image Courtesy : Google Images.