I’ve made my 3 year old his very first school bag for preschool. A small and cute little pattern that I got from the August 2016 edition of “I Like Crochet” Magazine.

He loves it already and keeps showing it off to his sister all the while saying “MY bag”. To which she replies “NO! Its mine” just to provoke him, and then a scuffle ensues. Its fun watching them fight!

This is how it turned out (a little different with the embellishments although I think I need to re-do the beak and make it a little bigger) –



But I’d be happier if I could sew a lining for this. Learning to sew is currently on the top of my list when I go down to India for my annual holidays later this year. Mum said she’d be happy to show me some basics. On the scary machine!

One positive : I learned a new stitch with this pattern – The Crocodile Stitch. Something I had been planning on learning and now I have (with help from Tamara Kelly’s video tutorial.)

I’m also contemplating an Owl Beanie to complete the look. Gotta see how that turns out.