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I had been curbing my desire to start a larger project and I was able to keep it at bay until last week. I finally had to give in to the urge and so, began work on a new throw – The Moroccan Tile Afghan by Tamara Kelly. I seriously love the color combinations she’s got going with hers!

I’m doing mine with a color change on every other row, though. So there’s gonna be hundreds of yarn ends to weave-in! But I’m being a little diligent and weaving them in once I complete 1 set of colors (9 colors in a patch).

Since this throw has already crossed the “scarf” stage, it is most definitely going to be a completed project soon enough 🙂 .


Taking it with me on my car rides to work. This is SO not a suitable car project!

Now, if only I could be tempted to complete Sophie! I think I’m gonna take her out today and see if I can add on a few more rows.

Hoping to post an update soon!