Its been a little more than a week since my last post. My 3 year old will be joining a preschool in another week and its been kind of doing my head in. I had been wallowing in a sea of gloomy thoughts along the lines of how quickly my cheeky li’l monster was growing up. I desperately wish there was a way to slow down this growing-up business! As much as I am looking forward to seeing him mingle with kids his own age and hopefully hear him speak a language that makes sense to us, I am dreading the day when I will miss him speaking Minion. And a time when he wouldn’t even want to be seen around with me is also just around that infernal corner. All these impulsive hugs and cuddles that he’s always giving me will soon come to an end. And so will all the whispers, snuggles and giggles that we share alone at night.

So since I’ve been pondering over all the changes that will take place very soon, I have also been thinking about my 11 year old who turned 12 earlier this month. She’s going to be in her teens next year and I am already having a tough time talking to her. We’re at each other’s throats quite frequently these days and I really do not know how to handle it. Which brings me to wonder how my mum did it with my brother and I! We were horribly rebellious during our teenage years and she managed us all by herself because Dad was overseas.

Why can’t they just remain little for a while longer? I remember a time during my childhood days when I truly wished I didn’t have to grow up. If Neverland ever existed, I think I would have happily run off and made my home there. This could be a reason why a part of me is still and always will be, childish. I never wanted to grow up! Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional, they say.

So is all of this going to get any easier? Nope!

I guess I can cheer myself up with the fact that there is going to be a lot of “First Times” to look forward to with him. With both of them, in fact. But that’s about the only positive thing in all of this for me.

So I’d better just suck it up, put my game face on, add more lipstick and pretend all is well with the world. And if I need to cry, at least I have my yarns to cry into.