After 10 years of living in Kuwait, we visited the Green Island for the very first time last Friday.

Why, oh why, did we never bother before??

Everyone I have ever asked about it had always been quite vague; which led us to believe it wasn’t worth a dime.

On New year’s Day, we decided we would try and visit all possible, visit-able places in Kuwait EVERY weekend. We never know how long we’ll be here, so we might as well make sure we see everything there is to see. No matter how boring it may seem. So that’s how we thought of Green Island, despite the fact that no-one seems to go there.

But we were in for a surprise. The place was packed!!

We went last Friday afternoon. The weather was cool and everything looked extra bright and crisp. The sea and the sky looked bluer, the leaves looked greener & the air felt fresher. It was a lovely day. Contrary to what I thought about the island being an actual island away from Kuwait mainland, it is actually just a little extension out into the sea like in the picture below :


The entrance fee costs KD1 per person. Children less than 3 yrs go free. We got in and roamed around a bit just to get an idea of the place and immediately saw its potential!

Kuwait does not really allow barbecuing anywhere. There are only 1 or 2 beaches and 1 or 2 parks that permit this, but its banned every where else. And every time we plan a barbecue event, its always at the same beach and I think we’ve already done 4 family get-togethers there. So this was right up our strasse because the island has specific places meant for barbecuing. We staked out the entire island and finally decided on the precise spot we would have it –



Another thing I noticed about the place was how clean it was. The grass areas that were packed with people were, of course, littered. But once they’re gone, I’m pretty certain the place is well-maintained.

The island has a little train that takes you around its entirety. Cost us 500 fils per person (children below 3 exempted).

They’ve also got bicycles for rent – the normal ones as well as the roofed ones that take on 2 to 4 people at a time. We didn’t get the opportunity to rent them. I’m quite certain the kids would’ve enjoyed it. Next time!

It was a great outing and I’m desperately hoping we have a get-together real soon (hint! hint! to a certain pretty lady reading this :D. Yes, its you, Mrs. P!).