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“Make It For Me” is an initiative by Elk Studio that I am following.

Day 2 project is an Old-Fashioned Paperback Book Cover that I completed yesterday.

I decided to make this to cover my Bible that I have been using since ’96. I was 17 when I got it and it was gifted to me on my First Communion (I know! A bit too late to have one’s First Communion!). This Bible has been through a lot together with me and its paperback had tattered and disintegrated years ago making it a little floppy.

It did come with a separate cover, but a little boring one. So the moment I saw this book-cover pattern, I wanted to make another to shelter my old, precious Book and I think it’s turned out quite alright. It isn’t perfect, though I would’ve loved it to be.




I’ve used just 1 skein of a rainbow colored thread yarn (Alize Silk Effect). I had been saving them for the “right” project and decided this was it. I used two threads together by combining the 2 ends of the skein and a 6 mm hook.

I had also deviated a bit from the original pattern for the strap closure. Mine looks terribly amateurish because I didn’t really think it through, I guess. I wasn’t too keen on the strap and thought my way was easier. But the way I made it doesn’t look too neat either. Good thing I’m not gifting it to anyone 🙂

At least this one is for me and is definitely going to see a lot of use! My 12 year old has asked to make one for her Bible too. She doesn’t really need it though, because hers is a hard-cover. But since she insists, I am going to see if I can do a better job with that (minus the closures).

Have a great weekend, all!