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I had mentioned in my New Year post about an event by Elk Studios (namely, Make it for Me Projects) that I decided to join in. You can read all about the event here.

Although it’s described to select any one project that catches your fancy out of the 31 projects and make it for yourself, I was thinking, why not try them all (like I have all the time in the world!!).

I will, most definitely, not be able to complete each project on a daily basis; but I shall at least attempt them as often as possible.

The pattern that was released on 1st January was the Snowy Mountain Beanie.

I’ve completed it, but realized very late into the rounds (towards the end, more like) that I should’ve checked my gauge (very important for this particular pattern) because, then, I would’ve used a bigger hook if this beanie were to fit my big head.


So guess what! This hat fits my 3 yr old son perfectly. Not even my 12 year old. But it’s more like a girls’ beanie and I imagine he would look rather silly prancing around in a girly beanie, more so, in a shimmery one.

(The yarn is Nako Lame Fine and I used 2 strands together with a 6 mm hook).


So it looks like this beanie is going to go to my niece. Serves me right for not properly reading instructions. Not that I mind giving stuff to my nieces (for the record, I love them to bits!!), but these projects are meant for ME.

Oh well! There are 30 more patterns coming up this month (6 more are out already) and I’m sure I shall eventually make SOMETHING for myself that will be put to good use 🙂