Oh Boy! I am so pleased to have made some progress on learning to read crochet diagrams! This was something I planned on doing last year, but never really got down to it.

I had been quite lost on what I wanted to take on as a new WIP now that my major projects are done with. Only Sophie remains and although she has been begging me to please, please take her out of her worn-out bag, complete her and make her shine, I just couldn’t do it.

I wanted to begin something new and I just did not know what to start with. Should I do small, cute and quick projects or large, time-consuming ones?? What a tough choice!

I finally decided on small, cute things and I came across a heart pattern on Pinterest by Anabelia. I loved ALL of her creations (a lot of them paid patterns) and just looking at them makes me happy! Really bright and cheerful.

She had a free diagram for her Crochet Heart pattern that I was determined to read and follow. And I did!

So its official now – I CAN READ CHARTS! Well.. the simple ones, at least.

Here’s how mine turned out (of course, its not as perfect as hers, but hey, I’m a first time crochet-diagram reader and they don’t look so bad, I think. The tassels are just something I included to make it a little quirky) –


And its also the first time I’ve made them tassels. I think I need to practice some more. My 11 yr old has already put a claim to them and wants to give them to her best pals. She’s decided they’ll hook them on their bags as charms. In that case, I’ll need to pay a visit to the local craft stores to get the necessary hooks. Hoping they’re easy enough to find.

This has really been a boost of confidence and now that I’ve managed one chart, I think I shall take on the challenge of figuring out more. I like to think of it as an exercise for the mind.

Will be back with an update on further chart-reading and what I’ve made of them 🙂