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Happy New Year to you all!

While a lot of people from Kuwait have been spending their New Year’s eve out of the country, we decided to spend ours by giving the newly opened Sheikh Jabar Al-Ahmed Cultural Center a visit yesterday.

The construction of this center was something we passed by on our way to work every morning and the more it progressed, the more I liked the way it was turning out to look.

The Cultural Center comprises of 4 beautifully constructed buildings with geometric designs on them that made them look like jewels. It includes concert halls, state-of-the-art theaters, cinemas and exhibition halls, a large public park and a musical fountain.


– Picture Courtesy Google Images


– Picture Courtesy Google Images

When the center officially opened on the 31st of October (2 months ago), the legendary Andrea Bocelli had given a performance that day. I don’t think the show was open to the general public, though. It wasn’t really advertised, you see. There were some major fireworks that night. But we had to sadly give it a miss because of the crowd expected and the dreaded parking issues.

I had heard that the musical fountain show took place every evening and I really wanted to go see it for myself. I had also heard it was similar to the Dubai Fountains, but on a much smaller scale. I, for one, LOVE fountains. All kinds of ’em. Its just one of those things that make me happy.

And it didn’t disappoint! These are some of the pictures I had taken along with a video 🙂



We hung around for 2 more shows (one of them to the tunes of Andrea Bocelli’s “Por ti Volare”) before our stomachs rumbled. There were a couple of Arabic Restaurants at the Center, but they were all packed. We were told it would be a long wait of at least 2 hours before we could get a table. Looked like the rest of Kuwait who didn’t travel decided to come out here on this very day! We would’ve waited but the kids rebelled. So we went to our favorite Fridays joint and had a soul-satisfying meal of steaks and molten lava cake!

So that’s how our New Year’s eve went this year.

We had a lovely evening and these fountains can definitely look forward to a visit from us more often now 🙂

On the crochet front, I’ve decided to be a part of the “Make it for Me” event held by Elk Studios. You can read all about it here. So that’s an entire month of daily crocheting and Day 1 project is out already today. I hope I can get them all done too.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful New Year every one!