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The Moogly CAL 2016 officially came to an end on the 24th of November when the final block was released. All that was left to do was to begin the joining process and add a border.

Mine is all done now and I’m so pleased with the way its turned out! I can’t believe I stuck to it and finished it before the year is up 🙂


I’ve used my favorite joining technique – The Flat Braid Join (considering that I’ve never tried any other method and only ever used this once before in my African Flower Square Baby Blanket, I’m really not sure how its a favorite. I mean, you decide on a favorite once you’ve tried a couple of things and then you choose one, isn’t it? Which I haven’t.) Maybe I just wanted to use something I was familiar with and get the whole thing completed as quickly as possible so I can move on.

For the border, I used the Treble Scallop Edging that I had listed in my post on Borders and Edgings that you can read here. I loved it! Dare I say, its a favorite 🙂 !

So now that one big project has been wrapped up, I can now focus on my Sophie and a bunch of other little things I’ve been really hoping to make.

My 11 year old has been getting a little creative as well with some random doodling and she made these –


I think the first one looks like a little gift paper and when I told her I’ll probably use it to gift-wrap something small, I was subjected to the death stare and some angry rants akin to “it will just be torn off and trashed! Is that REALLY what you want with my drawings???” . Made sense, I guess.

Next time I shall just keep my ideas to myself, ooh and aah over it and quietly sneak it off when its completely forgotten about. Nah! Easier said than done. I’m not sure if I’m evil enough to do that. Will see what I’m capable of if ever a desperate need arises 😀

So for now, it looks like its just going to be piled up and treasured with all the other things she’s drawn up in the past.

So that’s all for now, dear readers.

I wish you all the Most Merriest X’mas and Fun-filled Holidays!!