Baby Blanket Compilation

These are my favorite Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns that I have compiled and hope to be able to complete some day!

1 – The Cuddly Zebra Blanket                            

Cuddly Zebra Blanket 2   Cuddly Zebra Blanket


2 – Basket Weave Baby Blanket

basket-weave-blanket-2    basket-weave-blanket-3http://www.craftpassion.com/2010/11/crochet-basket-weave-afghan-baby-blanket-pattern-tutorial.html/2

3 – Modern Grace Baby Blanket  

Modern Grace Baby Blanket 2  Modern Grace Baby Blanket 1   http://moderngracedesign.blogspot.com/2012/09/baby-blanket-free-pattern.html

4 – Sea Blue Baby Afghan  

Sea-Blue-Baby-Afghan   Sea-Blue-Baby-Afghan-2


5 – Leaping Stripes & Blocks Baby Blanket          

 Stripes-and-Blocks-Blanket-Pair 1      Stripes-and-Blocks-Blanket-Pair 2


6 – Lacy Round Baby Blanket  



7 – Striped Lace V Stitch Baby Blanket

 Striped Lace V Stitch Blanket


8 –  Granny Square Baby Blanket                                       

  Granny Square Baby Blanket 2      Granny Square Baby Blanket                             


Out of the 8, I am happy to say that I have completed Number 5 & 8 (with different colors, of course). They were easy enough for a beginner.

Number 7 is still a Work-in-Progress and has been for a long time now. I don’t really know if I will ever finish that although its a really pretty piece 🙂

Keen on starting Number 6 by the way, because I have the exact same brand of yarn for it, in variegated colors as well as solids and can’t wait to put it to use! Thinking about alternating the colors between rounds. Will put them up once completed.

The rest, I shall attempt if I ever complete 6 and the never-ending 7.

Now, if only there were a baby or 2 around that I know of so I could gift the completed ones to!