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After a few days of wondering what to get my niece – Amy – for her 4th birthday, I finally decided to make her a purse! Every little girl loves to have her own purse to look all grown up, right?

Whenever she visited us, she would have a small pouch with her and so I thought, why not make her a purse that she can sling around and one that would not be a hassle to carry about.

The reason I decided on a sling is because of a lot of tedious experiences with my 10 yr old who loves carrying a hand-bag crammed to the full with all sorts of “things to survive the day”, but gets tired of it after a little while.

We all know what that means!

I end up carrying both of ours (As if mine is any less heavier)!

So! With my perfect (or is it not?) plan in place, I then rummaged around on the net looking for a suitable pattern for a little girl’s purse. I finally spied one by Vendula Maderska :


It looked easy, all colorful and perfect for a 4 year old who loves bright colors. And I had almost all the yarn colors that the picture showed too (minus the beads)! Although the one in the pattern had a drawstring closure (which definitely looks much prettier than what I’ve made), I thought it would be inconvenient for a 4 year old to have to keep tying it up after every use. Hence, I just added a button for the closure to make her purse-life less complicated.

It took me only a day to complete! The fastest project I’ve done so far 😀 . The pattern was really easy, instructions were very clear and there were a lot of pictures to support!

Now all that is left for me to do is to put aside all self-doubts (beginning to think this isn’t a good idea!!!) and just gift it to her!

I truly hope she likes it! 🙂