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I have made a hat that I thought would look alright enough for a boy.

I had worked on quite a few summer hat patterns that seemed great for boys, but in the end, when I’m done with them, they all somehow made my 18 month old fellow look girly! Even if they were all in boy colors! I knew it was the ruffly brim for all these hats that made it look so.

But I don’t know how to straighten them out! Should I just shorten the brim? But that wouldn’t help to keep the sun out of his eyes! Or are the hats supposed to look that way?

3 days ago, I came across this pattern that I thought might just be THE ONE. It looked nice, squarish and boyish!


I first worked on the Toddler-Kids size which turned out to be a tad too small for him. So I re-did it by adding an extra increase-round to the crown portion as well as to the beginning sides portion of the pattern instructions. Turns out the increase for the crown portion is for the Adults version of the cap which I didn’t notice earlier because I wasn’t looking for an adult size.

So! My 18 month old needs an adult hat!

Didn’t know we’re a large-headed family since the hat doesn’t fit me either 😀 !

Anyways, I have finished it and sadly, not only does it NOT look squarish and boyish, but the brim still looks ruffly! See the pictures above? That’s him in the hat.

There were 2-3 hats featured in the above website that looked great because the brim didn’t have any ruffles. The pattern asked to use worsted weight acrylic yarns which I believe is category 4. But the yarn in the pictures that I liked looked much thicker than a medium weight!

Could chunky yarns help make unruffled brims? Should I try using 2 strands together of the worsted weight? I hate having to undo everything when they don’t look right! But I guess that’s how one learns.

If I’m going to try it, I’d better get on it today because the temperature is already hitting 44°C here and I am on the brink of just buying him a hat from the stores and being done with it. How boring!