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My blog has been awfully quiet these past couple of weeks. It was a little on purpose because I didn’t want the added stress of writing up a post when I have been, quite madly, trying to finish off my yarn stash if I am to have any hope of bringing in more 🙂

The better half has put his foot down on this and I had no choice but to meekly accept his decision. So I’ve been trying to get everything sorted out and make Finished Objects out of them all.

One of the finished project is the Virus Blanket I made. Its baby-size because that’s the only amount of yarn I had in the stash. I used the Ice-Yarn Magic Baby brand and its one of the 2 varieties of the most softest yarns I own. I can’t get over how squishy and marshmallow-y it feels and I had been holding on to it for God-knows-what.

This pattern was decided on in a rush. I’m not entirely sure if I did the yarn justice by turning it into something so simple, but I love how its turned out. The pattern basically consists of a repetition of 4 rows and once you memorize it, then its a breeze. This was completed on my car-rides to work and back.




I have one more variety of this brand left and I’ve begun working on something a little more intricate with it which might take another week to finish.

Sadly, I still haven’t been able to get back to my Moroccan Tile Afghan. All suggestions and requests of going to the yarn-shop to take a peek on whether they have re-stocked has been falling on deaf ears and I dare not push it any further. So my pretty little WIP has ended up with the Sophie WIP in her basket.

Since I have been on a race to finish off my yarns, I’ll  be back soon with more of my completed projects. Have a lovely week, all!