My Moroccan Tile Afghan is on hold because I ran out of the dark grey shades of yarn in between rounds. A visit to my local yarn store also proved unfruitful because they didn’t have stock. So while I have been waiting for them to re-stock, I finished crocheting 2 rugs yesterday. Took me 2 days for each. Its the first time I’ve made rugs and they are actually just thicker versions of a mandala or a doily.

I had some Ice Yarns (Magic Bulky) lying about and I thought I might as well use them to make rugs and finish them off so I can have more space in my yarn cupboard. I always had a thing about making rugs because I don’t want anyone stepping on them. I don’t think I’d mind it much if it just lay in a remote corner looking pretty. Or maybe on a large table like a center-piece. But this is too thick for that.

The pattern I used is the popular Mandala Rug.


The cream portion of my rug is 2 strands of worsted weight yarn also by Ice Yarns (Favorite).

Although the brown one came out flat, the pink/peachy one is a bit ruffled at the edges. I don’t know how that happened. I am thinking it could be because I used the Bulky yarn for the center portion of this rug.

I still love them, though!

I have seen some oval-shaped rugs that I’ve fallen in love with too and I will be making those. Will put up pictures once done. Take a look at these beauties while we’re on the subject of rugs :


Have a great weekend, all!