After a wonderful and refreshingly beautiful holiday in Europe, I am now glad to be back home.

Actually, no, that’s not entirely true.. I’m not truly glad to be back. There were plenty of moments on my holiday when I desperately wished with all my being that I could live there forever. Especially as the end came near.

We visited some of the most gorgeous places in Europe – Norway, Denmark, Germany – the Norwegian Fjords being the highlight. We selected Norway only because the fjords were featured on the top of my bucket-list since forever (I am glad to be able to cross it off that list now). I have seen countless pictures of the place full of tall mountains and peaceful waters and imagined myself in the center of it all!

And now that I’ve seen them, I cannot find the words to describe how beautiful they are. Truly a feast for my eyes. We cruised along the Sognefjord (supposed to be the 2nd largest fjord in the world) during the early hours of the morning with the eerily majestic and misty fjords looming around us and a feeling of awe at the wonder of it all totally rocked me. The sights were one of absolute breathtaking beauty and I remember having a similar feeling when I stood among the Alps in Val D’Isere during one of my official trips. Of course, the fjords cannot compare to the grandiose of the Alps, but it still managed to evoke that feeling of being in the presence of something mysterious, ominous and magnificent.


Misty fjords early in the morning


Villages along the way later in the day

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Bryggen – The Wharf

Before we traveled, I did worry about the kids. Especially our 2 yr old. That he would get cranky and tired and unbearable and generally be a pain. But he surprised us! Even woke up at 5 am without a peep, to get ready for the Fjord tour. I couldn’t ask for more! And my 11 yr old did a grand job of being the ideal sister to him throughout. Both of them became wonderful companions for each other and bonded more on this holiday. Although the occasional squabbles between them did exist, they were both stars! One friendly lady from Spain on the Fjord cruise even took the time to tell me how impressed she was with my daughter. Impressed at the way she took care of him. It was a proud moment and I couldn’t stop beaming 🙂

Another highlight of our trip was the long daylight that we thoroughly enjoyed. I think that was the best part! That we got to be out until 9:30 or 10 pm almost every day without a care in the world!

I miss it all. I miss all the places we went to. I miss the glorious weather, the long daylight hours, the blue skies with clouds that look like they’ve been painted, the quiet beauty and solitude of the countryside with its gently rolling green and golden hills and fields, the liveliness of the cities, the friendly people and not to forget, the wines!

Blog 2

Fields in Vejle, Denmark

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And I suppose when one resides in a country that is severely lacking in all the above factors, its quite normal to not want to come back.

But, there’s nothing like home either, isn’t it? Even if your home is in a blistering hot, developed desert. On our flight back, thoughts of my cozy corner of the sofa surrounded with yarns managed to lighten the gloomy thoughts of getting back to the norm. And surprisingly, I  found that I did miss the chaos of our routine life too. But just a tiny bit, mind you.

And my plans of crocheting while on holiday definitely didn’t work out. I had some grand ideas of finishing at least 1 WIP by the end of it. But every time we got back from a full day’s sightseeing, I was too beat to even contemplate the thought of lifting my hooks. And this was the case every single, unforgettable day! But I’m eager to start hooking again and I’m hoping to at least begin work on some more squares of my CAL that is long over-due.

Its been almost 10 days now since we’re back and I’m writing this post from work. The phones have already started doing their job of startling me out of my day-dreams.

Oh yes, I am thoroughly back to reality.