Just wanted to say Hello to you all!

I’ve been MIA for over 2 weeks; but I’m still here.

I had forced myself to take a break from crocheting and blogging because work has been overwhelming. And most days, I had been dragging it home with me. Its the holiday season in this region and being a part of the travel industry means I do not get a minute of free time. Planning peoples’ holidays and sorting out all sorts of hiccups along the way really gets me tired mentally. On days that I do not get bogged down with phone calls and messages at home, I’m busy planning my own vacation (end of July! YAY!) even though all I wanna do is just curl up and sleep for a long, long time.

Although I have definitely missed reading all your blogs, I think I will continue with this break until end July when I’ll be off on my hopefully refreshing holiday and will then get some time to do some of my favorite things.

Sending lots of love your way and hope to catch up soon!

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