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Dreamstime - Gandhi 2

Its official!

The anticipation had been building up and as of today, I’m super proud that India now holds the World Record for the World’s Largest Crochet Blanket of 11,148 sq m – a title that was formerly held by South Africa for their 3,377 sq m blanket.

The project and mission pioneered by Mrs. Subashri Natarajan (read her story here) has brought Indians together from all over the world to bring this masterpiece to life and break the record. They’ve built a community and connected together online by the name of Mother India’s Crochet Queens (MICQ).

The project that began in August 2015 with more than a thousand Indian women and children as young as 4 yrs old involved, has finally come to an end today. With a well-deserved world record to show for all their hard-work.

The aim was to crochet granny square blankets, each one a minimum 1 sq m in size, that in the end would all be sent to Chennai in India to be joined together to make the final blanket. After the record is set, the blankets would then be distributed to various charity organizations. Talk about a noble cause too!

Check out the pictures of their efforts, the event and a short video of their journey on the group’s FB page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/468779636631544/

They had a group here in Kuwait as well working on the project; but I got to hear of it just 2 weeks ago and by then it was too late to be a part of it. A missed opportunity for me, sadly. But I did join the group so I can be a part of any future projects they may have.

An absolutely awesome inspiration and example of the wonders one person’s dream with a little bit of unity and support can achieve!