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Block 2 of the Moogly CAL 2016 was released on the 21st.

The pattern is the 3D Flower Granny Square.

I put the final round to my block just this morning and here it is :


I know the clarity isn’t really there in the picture. Took it with my lousy mobile camera.

This one measures 9.5″. And the first one was at 9″. Looks like an additional round would be required for the first block. But I shall wait to see how the next few blocks turn out and then make a decision. This pattern was pretty straightforward and I loved the colors the pattern designer (Sarah Zimmerman) used to make her square. You can see it for yourself when you go to the pattern page in Moogly blog. Really beautiful!

And I also saw quite a few eye-catching color combos in the Ravelry Group photos too. Everyone has done a great job there.

Now, I really need to get a start on the blocking of my squares. I hope they straighten up and turn out well. Pretty worried about the process.