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We had an interesting weekend. I get a full day off on Friday and a half day on Saturday. The weather was G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S. on Friday. Which is not very often. And it would have been a shame if we didn’t take advantage of it. So we went to visit one of the newest addition to the parks we have here – The Al Shaheed Park – the largest urban park in Kuwait. Its actually a park that displays the country’s history and culture with 2 museums (which we didn’t see), gardens, lake with a musical fountain, walking and jogging tracks. It was beautifully built. They were also supposed to feature an aviary, but that’s not operational yet. I think we saw the space meant for it. So maybe in the near future.. The only downside was they didn’t have any allocated play areas for kids and they didn’t allow us to take the ball in (my 2 yr old  never goes anywhere without it). So after wrestling it out of his hands and the loud screams subsided, we began to enjoy the visit. Here are some of the pics we took –

We then went to Friday Market – one of the oldest, popular, open-air market where you can get endless things; right from a needle to a pet. We went there with a purpose. My brother (an extremely creative person who doesn’t take his creativity very seriously), made a little garden in his unused fish-bowl. So we went to get a bowl and the plants to make a similar one. Here they are :

The first one is my brother’s. Very pretty isn’t it? We still need to get some decorative elements and stones to put in ours (the second one), and I have one more plant left over to put in but I have another idea forming in my mind. Not sure how it would look, so not going much into the details here. I’m currently keeping fingers crossed that first of, the plants would grow well together.

And for the finale, much to the excitement of the 2 cheeky monsters, we got ourselves another new pet. An unexciting turtle! 😀

So that’s another grand week gone by 🙂

Wish you all a great one too!