I have some 300 amazing squares pinned to my “Crochet Squares” Board on Pinterest.

Do have a look here : Crochet Squares

So since I was given a suggestion of making additional blocks for my Moogly CAL Blanket because the size of my square was comparatively smaller, I had been going through the squares on my board to see what I would like to make to compensate. And here’s the pin I wanted to do : The Prince Protea Square

Based on that pattern, I’ve made another one. And I love it!! (Please note, this one has NOTHING to do with the Moogly CAL Scheduled Squares. This is just an additional square that I’m including to this project to make a larger blanket).


I still haven’t gotten round to blocking the first one. I don’t know what’s keeping me from trying it out. But I have to. Even this one needs to be blocked since the pink round looks curled in and needs to be stretched out a little so the stitches are properly visible. Maybe this weekend…