Gosh! There’s only less than 4 days for X’mas!! I bet those of you who’re hand-making their presents are all done with it and everything is gift-wrapped and tagged!

Me? I still have 2 things in the works and I’m hoping like mad and keeping all fingers crossed that I WILL FINISH IN 3 DAYS.

The winter here had started all of a sudden the first week of Dec and its been getting bone-chillingly cold now and then. I was informed that this cold wave will last until the mid of Jan where temperatures will vary from 0-8 degrees with seriously cold winds.

Although there have been some days where it wasn’t all that much.

I can’t stand the cold, but the joy of the Christmas season is somehow keeping me from feeling entirely blue.

The X’mas tree had been up the first week already and I’d started working on my gifts a bit late. This is the first time I’m gifting things I personally made for occasions and I’m hoping the recipients like them 🙂

Look what I’ve made so far :

Ponchos for both my nieces. I still have the second one to complete!! (It just HAS to finish before X’mas. It HAS to.) :

Elfy-Hats for the kids. This is just for the fun of it. The Pom-Poms yet remain. Dear Lord! That’s another thing to complete 😦

The pattern is by Chassity from Two Little C’s and I found it lovely and perfect. You can check it out here :


Warm beanies and an infinity scarf for my prayer fellowship family :

A few Christmassy wreath ornaments for our tree that I’d crocheted in the beginning of the month :

20151216_175338-1  20151216_180045

My sis-in-law’s birthday is on the 23rd. Really close to X’mas. I had gotten her some really pretty jewelry and just to add my own personal touch to it, I’m in the process of making another infinity scarf :


So! I’ve managed to get this far with it all. I’ve got a crick in my neck and fingers from all the crazy, rushed crocheting, but its been crazily fun too.

There’s a certain excitement in the air and I wish the days weren’t going by so fast..

But next year, I’m going to be making all the presents in the summer. Hah! Easier said than done, right?





Snowmen Photo Credit : via Google Images.