I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog. Life has been really hectic and the only free time I get is spent on trying to complete my afghan (still a really, really long way to go) and a few crochet-y gifts for X’mas.

This week we got ourselves 3 new aquatic pets.

My 10 yr old has been pestering us for a pet and her request for a puppy or a bird had been repeatedly turned down. As much as we would have loved to get her a dog, it was impractical. If I were a stay-at-home-mom, we would definitely have got one. But since I’m not and we don’t really have the time for one (and I personally felt birds would be a noisy affair), we got her fish. 3 of them. Which was perfect for us too (less hassle 🙂 ).

Here they are – 1 Siamese fighting fish and 2 gold fish.


She has been given the responsibility of feeding them and so far she’s been doing a good job.

Today we had some gorgeous weather and took a trip to the beach. Collected the little shells that you can see at the bottom of the goldfish bowl.

The 2 year old took a dip in the sea for the first time! He had always been afraid to go near the water, not wanting to even look at it every time we stopped by the beach. He never liked walking barefoot on the sand either. But today he did both of those! Become brave, I suppose 🙂

That’s the end of one busy but grand week.

Can’t wait to finish my X’mas WIPs soon and show them off to you too 🙂

Goodnight, Lovely People!