Its time I stopped shying away from crocheting afghans. I always feel I’ll never see it to the end. Its mainly to do with the fact that I’m impatient and get bored with projects that take long to complete. And I hate starting on things unless I’m certain it will be complete at some point in the very, VERY near future. I don’t have many WIPs precisely because of this.

But crochet is one hobby that does need a lot of patience and I find myself a little bit more patient these days (as also observed by the better half upon seeing me patiently playing with the 2 yr old sans any grumblings most of yesterday 😀 ). Not sure if the credit goes to this hobby though.

So with that, I have embarked on my very first afghan project. Its the kind where you make a set of blocks that will be joined together with another color and borders added to turn it into 1 large piece. Y’all know the type I’m talking about, don’t you?


20151016_143701  20151016_143853

The block is called Kata from over at Look at What I made.

The pattern asked for a 4 mm hook, but I’m using a 5.5 mm. I am working it only until the 10th round and I’ve changed that round to be 3 DC in each of the chain spaces only contrary to the SCs in every stitch and chain spaces that the actual pattern called for.

The last round is done in a lovely wine color although it looks almost black in the pics.

I haven’t yet decided what the joining color will be, but I think I will go for White. Its my first afghan attempt.. what do you all think of the color combos in the pic? Any good? Would the last round look better in another color? The yellow maybe.. same as the middle? Any suggestions are most welcome.