Our backyard at home has quite a few fruity richness. Passion Fruit being one of them. I’m not too fond of many fruits, but I go crazy over these.


This week I’ve just been lazing around gorging on these yummy fruits and crocheting some mandalas for both our mums. Thought I’d please them with something that I personally made. Aim is to make at least 6. And I’ve completed only 2 so far.

20150802_173611 20150802_173658

The orangey one is based on Tamara Kelly’s Magic Spike Mandala. Check it out here :


The green one is something I made as I went along. The last round turned out having too many stitches, hence the ruffly edges. Don’t ask why I didn’t bother re-doing it. Too lazy. But it did look alright, actually. And I AM going to make another one like it and be sure to put enough stitches for that round to make it lie flat. Maybe add more colors to the rounds instead of making it in just 1 solid color. Write down the pattern too while I’m at it πŸ™‚

I’m already working on a third one, though. But that’s turning out star-shaped. Are there star shaped mandalas? I’ve even decided on a name for it, in any case. Will put up the pattern once done.

I only wish I’d brought more colors with me apart from the ones I’m stuck with. To be honest, the yarns were actually an after-thought. I should’ve stashed them first into the suitcase before piling on the clothes. Would’ve been fun watching the better half throw a fit πŸ˜€