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It’s the season for rains in Kerala. My holidays to my home town is normally greeted with a mixture of complete dread and happiness. Happiness because I get to see our parents and other relatives only during our visits here. Dread because the weather is never favorable to my health. The humidity is high all year round and I would perpetually, be sneezing my holidays away. But this time, I decided I would not dwell on the negatives. I wanted to enjoy my holidays and I wasn’t going to let anything deter me from it. image image It’s already 4 days now since we’re here and so far, it’s turning out to be a pleasant one. Haven’t sneezed much yet. There have been rain clouds looming above looking all dark and ominous. But thankfully the rains came down only at night and just once during the day. Both kids are out all day. Chasing the hens, kissing the flowers, collecting the dried ones, looking for funny-shaped stones that resembled animals or other familiar things… image image image image Sometimes I’m out with them too. Trying to see the world through their eyes. Laugh at what tickles them and be a part of their games and childish fun. I’d tire out easily and would sit on the front steps watching these two tireless beings still racing around. Watching them took me to a time and age where it was my brother and I in their place. Always on the run, playing games we invented on the spot, chasing dragonflies and fighting over who gets to pluck out their wings (something that fills me with remorse now), eating freshly fallen mangoes and lovely tender coconuts, trying to get near the cows that grandpa took care of, feed them hay, look for eggs that our hens laid and finish our day with a bath outside near our well. Those were the days of idyllic and carefree fun.

I wanted so much to turn back the clock.

I wanted to be a child again.