Here’s another yarn that I have in my stash, but never used (the ones I bought just by the pictures and hated them?). I find it a fright to work with. Gets all knotted up and unraveling it is a nightmare.

The yarn is Mohair.

True to its name, it looks all hairy too. And fuzzy 🙂

Mohair is a silk-like yarn made from the hair of the Angora Goat. It is nick-named the “Diamond Fiber” because of its high luster and sheen.

South Africa is supposedly the world’s largest mohair producer.

The fiber is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture-wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant, crease resistant, and does not felt. It is considered to be a luxury fiber, like angora and silk, and is usually more expensive than most wool that comes from sheep.

Mohair is composed mostly of keratin, a protein found in the hair, wool, horns and skin of all mammals.

Fine hair from younger animals is used for finer applications such as clothing, and the thicker hair from older animals is more often used for carpets or rugs.

Mohair is a very soft yarn when compared with other natural and synthetic fibers and is  often blended with wool or alpaca.

The ones that I own are blended with Wool and Acrylic (the same range shown below – Nako yarns).

Berroco / Sirdar / Artyarns / Debbie Bliss are some brands that feature Mohair blends in their collection.

Do let me know if you have used Mohair yarn and what you think of it? It could inspire me to use mine and finish it off 🙂