Introducing : The Shells and Bobbles Capelet.


20150621_210918  20150621_153915

I’m sooo happy its done and finished. And I don’t think it looks too bad considering the amount of hair-pulling that’s been done over the few miscalculations here and there which I think aren’t too obvious.

The piece is worked neck-down and comprises mostly of shells. The bobbles were worked later on only around the neck-line and refuses to lie flat (could be due to insufficient chain spaces, not sure). I’ll be sewing it down so that the bobbles are visible.

Took clicks of it from every possible angle until my 10 yr old couldn’t take it any longer 😀 And I’ve gazed and admired the clicks to my heart’s content.

So here I am now, sharing the looks with you. Once I’m done with the ordeal of penning down the pattern, I shall put that up too!

I’ve referenced a lot online on the Pineapple Motif and I hope mine looks alright enough 🙂 . But because the yarn is of the variegated type, the motifs aren’t too clear.

I’ve started another one in a solid color and I’m writing down the pattern too while I’m at it. But with this one, I’ve started off with the bobbles and will then work the shells around it. It should, hopefully, not be too complicated.

Do let me know your opinions?