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I’ve been worried a little about my son NOT speaking a word. He is 18 months and 26 days today.

When he was born, I had subscribed to a couple of baby blogs because I was afraid I had lost touch (I have a 10 year old as well and 10 yrs is a loooong time between babies 🙂 ) and to keep myself updated on baby-care and what to expect and what to be concerned about etc etc. One blog gave a monthly update on a baby’s average monthly progress.

When Tristan turned one, we were sloooowly trying to get him to say a few words including Mama & Papa. With no success.

We talk to him everyday, involve him in all that we do.

I had also read that we need not try and make them say any particular words like Mama and Papa. Babies already know who Mama and Papa are. Just talk full sentences to them and they’ll soon pick up words.

So I left it at that.

When he turned 18 months, I got this update from 1 blog :

“Now that your child has mastered some key words, she’ll soon figure out that saying those words REALLY LOUDLY is a surefire way to get your attention. Some toddlers can even make simple two-word sentences such as “No more” or “All done.” And, as your child becomes more self-aware, she may start referring to herself by name: “Claire go,” for example.”

I thought, “Wait, what? Mastered key words??? When?? I haven’t heard these key words!! I haven’t heard even 1 word! He’s still getting our attention by shouting and then taking us by our hand to show us what he wants!!”

And that set my worry on again. 2 weeks ago, I had taken both kids to the doc for their regular check-up and I voiced my concern. Doc told me to not worry and that some kids start talking only at 3 yrs (Wow!) and to continue interacting and talking to him.

So again, I left it at that.

Yesterday, I was on the couch watching TV. And Tristan walks up to me, plants himself on my lap and rests his cheek on my chest. And after a little while, he shyly gazed up at me and quietly said – Mama.

Oooohhh.. Pure instant joy!!!

Wondering what and when his next words will be 🙂