Doilies are generally a decor that can be overlooked.

But I’ve always found it an interesting project to do because of all the amazing designs used to create a spectacular looking piece. I’ve seen crocheted doilies attached to clutches, cushion covers, edges of table cloths, on lamp-shades and even on dresses!


I have made only one so far (shown left).  The design is by Annie’s Crochet and is a set of paid pattern that included 13 different designs for doilies. They all look super.

The one I made was simple and uncomplicated enough. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of using such a thin hook, I feel more confident to attempt the others and I plan to do most of them.

But finding the right size of yarn is where I always get stuck! The doilies in this set of patterns mostly require a crochet thread size 10.

I have never seen a size 10 thread and hence, I don’t really know how thick or thin they are. The yarn that I used here was a Turkish brand called Alize and looked thready enough for the project. There wasn’t any size mentioned on the label unfortunately. I selected the blue because it had an amazing hue! A deep peacock lustrous blue! As usual, the photo has not done justice to the color.

And to my joy, the yarn worked well!! It gave a nice finish to the rounds and it didn’t even curl up or look lopsided between rounds. So, to my luck, NO BLOCKING was required (since I have yet to learn how to block)!

If you don’t mind paying for patterns, Annie’s has quite a large collection that can be found on their website – https://www.anniescatalog.com.

The pattern set I bought is called “A Bakers Dozen Easy Crochet Doilies”.

They often come up with offers where patterns can be found starting from 1$ to under 5$.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed making this.