Pot Holder 1

This is one of the very first projects that I did when I got hooked on to crochet. The best part was that I didn’t have to unravel and re-do any step of the process unlike a few others that I gave up on because the instructions weren’t very clear!

I made 2 color variations of this (one shown above and the other below) and I was sooo incredibly happy when I finished them and they turned out the way they did in the pictures.

I had read that the ideal yarns for pot-holders and other kitchen projects are either cotton or wool. Reasons being :

Cotton won’t melt and is easily cleanable; both of these factors contribute to its popularity.

Wool is also a great choice for potholders; not only will it not melt, but it’s self-extinguishing, so if you accidentally catch it on fire the fire is likely to go out on its own. The downside is that wool is not as easy to clean.

Although I didn’t have cotton yarns with me at the time (I still don’t 😀 ) and I used acrylic to make mine, I felt they were too pretty to be hiding in the kitchen!

How can such pretty things be used for something as mundane as holding pots or keeping kitchen vessels on?? I couldn’t bear to leave mine in there, so I’ve left them on my coffee table with a vase of flowers near it. I keep alternating them every 2 weeks along with another doily that I made which I will put up later on. I won’t be able to go much into the details of the doily, though, as that was a paid pattern.

Pot Holder 2

For the potholders, I followed the instructions from the designer of Color’n Cream – http://colorncream.blogspot.nl/2013/01/tutorial-vintage-flower-potholder.html

I absolutely love all her creations. The color scheme she uses are so bright and cheerful! They’re wonderful to look at!

I do hope you enjoy making them too!