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Shell Stitch Sun Hat

Shell Stitch Sun Hat

Summer is already here and what better way to beat the heat than with crocheted hats?

I made this hat featured above based on a pattern by Lauren from Daisy Cottage Designs. The link to her pattern is :


Although the pattern says it fits children 4-8 yrs old, mine fits my niece Zoe, who is 15 months old, very nicely. It could be because the yarn I used was a mercerized cotton yarn (only ones available at hand) and I used 2 strands of it in order to adjust with the hook size. Hence, I have my doubts about my hat fitting anyone older than 2 yrs :D.

Anyways, I feel the hat turned out well. I love the color and my niece looked absolutely adorable in it! I must get a picture of her wearing it and post that too.

Coming back to the yarn, I really need to get out there and look around for some nice, proper worsted cotton yarns to make more of these. But being where I am, the cottony ones seem quite hard to find and way too expensive . Acrylics-a-plenty though.

Good luck to me!