Here’s a tip I came across in my Ravelry group for those who have a problem with their crochet blocks going askew.


If you see the blocks of my Moogly CAL Afghan, especially the first, second and fourth squares, they don’t look like proper squares. The worst was the 2nd block of the CAL series :


Block 2 : 3D Flower Granny Square (Attempt # 1)


Block 2 : 3D Flower Granny Square (Attempt # 2)

Now when I look at both together, the second attempt looks even worse than the first.

I had been contemplating on making it again and so, decided to try out the tip in the link and see if it worked.

It didn’t for this block, unfortunately.

I think that is because my block isn’t a traditional granny square as per the instructions given in that link.

So I made some judgment calls and did other changes to my corners. If one round had “2sc-ch2-2sc”, the next round had 3 sc in the corners. I alternated this method for all the stripes round that is seen in my Attempt # 3 and also in the rounds thereafter.

Et voila !


Block 2 : 3D Flower Granny Square    (Attempt # 3) 

TONS better, isn’t it?? I shall now replace the old picture with this new one for my Block 2  in the Ravelry group.

I am SO, SO pleased now!

But I shall still try out the method in the link whenever my project calls for a traditional granny pattern.