I had a couple of doilies lined up to make after the Mantilla Doily project.

Last week, while rummaging through my stash of yarn, I came across a set of 6 thread yarns that I had forgotten all about. The better half got it for me on one of his trips to Turkey at the time I had first started crocheting. I didn’t really know what sort of yarns were out there and what to get. So he got what he saw and this was one. Its the Tulip range by YarnArt. Color is Cream/Ivory shade – Number 402 in their list.

I decided to try it out for my next doily project – The Summer Splendor Doily.

And I’m in love with this thread!


I think its quite the versatile yarn. Has a very satiny texture and shine to it and just slips and flows.

The best part is, the yarn makes every round of the project stay the way it should. Sort of like it blocks itself. Here is my completed doily and doesn’t it look like its blocked? Maybe not perfectly, but it still looks a damn sight better than my Mantilla Doily. I’ve used up one whole ball of this yarn with a very small amount left over and a 3.25 mm hook for this project.




I LOVE IT! Got 5 more balls left and need to check out other things to make.

Block 5 of Moogly CAL was out already yesterday; so gotta get started on that. And I’ve found another square pattern to include in this CAL blanket that’s named the same as my 2 year old 😀 How cool is that!

Will share them with you once I’ve made them.

I did a check to see if there were any squares named the same as my 11 yr old, but, couldn’t find any. I’ll keep lookin’..