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We visited a farm for the first time since we moved to Kuwait 8 yrs ago. We’d always heard about these farm visits from our friends and family. But on Friday, we actually made an effort to go to one (recommended by dear sister-in-law). The Blue Lake Farm in Abdali that we went to is a little more than an hour and a half away from Kuwait city. Almost at the border of Iraq. Very easy to find if you have navigation means since sign-boards are mostly in Arabic and would be a challenge for the non-users. Another 20 km and we could practically step foot in Iraq. We did have a moment of insanity back there where we thought we would cover the distance to take a peek just for the fun of it. Its only 20 km after all.. But then, good sense came whooshing back and put our heads back right.

Anyways, back to my farm talk..

The farm is open to visitors only on Fridays. We had one main purpose to our visit and that was to pick our own strawberries. I think they’re seasonal; so might not be around come summer. By the time we got there, it was quite crowded and I worried a little that there wouldn’t be any left for us. The farm mainly comprised of a couple of green-houses; inside one of which were rows upon rows of beautiful and bright strawberries in all stages of growth. No chance of running out of them!  I’m having one now as I type this post. They were red, ripe, succulent and yum! The strawberry flowers looked so pretty too. Its the first time I’m seeing strawberries grown. Loved the scene.

The other green-houses had different varieties of flowering plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits. All organic. They had a separate area that sold organic milk, eggs, cheese and branded herbal tea named Nabla (I had a yummy lemon-grass and ginger flavored cuppa).

Outside, in a separate area, they had a little lake with livestock, ducks and geese. The 2 yr old was over the moon when he caught sight of them. Went about being busy feeding the goats dead leaves he found on the ground. By feeding, I mean just throwing the leaves at their faces :D. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of having them feed off his hands. Had a little episode back at the green-house when one of the hens took a nip at his finger.

Got back home late afternoon really, really tired . A short nap would have been welcomed but was out of the question. We still had to make it to my brother’s place for my younger niece’s 2nd birthday celebrations before heading out to dinner. Sister-in-law baked a cake with icing of vibrant blues. Cake was delicious. We all ended up with blue lips n tongues. Dinner was at Pei Wei’s. Yummy food there too. Went back to his place for more cake and story telling.


Finally got home at 1 in the morning, dead beat but so content. Really glad we had a yummy day!