The better half went to Vegas for 2 weeks to attend a trade fair. Came back with a few lovely crafty things that he got from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores.

One of it was not really a surprise because I had told him specifically to get it. Its a Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom set that I wanted to learn to do. I had seen it on one of the video posts on Facebook (by Petals to Picots, I think it was) and wanted to give it a try.

My 11 yr old saw the video too and said she would learn to do it instead. She even went ahead and assigned us roles : I would stick to crochet and she would learn to weave. Was I glad she showed an interest 🙂 ! She had wanted to learn to crochet too; but she couldn’t get her fingers and hook to behave the way they were supposed to. So gave up on it.


We still haven’t taken the loom out of the packaging. She’s got her finals coming up in 2 weeks and once that is done with, we’ll jump to it. Until then, its stashed out of our way so we don’t get enticed.

Other crafty things in the bag were 2 varieties of Pom-Pom makers, bunch of fancy and cute buttons, a coloring book by Leisure Arts (I soooo love them; I could sit for hours with it and forget there are needy humans in the house.), a scrap-book kit and 2 sets of paint-by-numbers for my 11 yr old (she’s only just begun learning to paint with water-colors).


Really pleased with them all. These are sure to bring us some mother-daughter quality time together :). The 2 yr old can just watch us and kick up a fuss for not including him.

This evening after work, we saw another beautiful sunset. Drove past the beach to admire it more. We sat in the car for a while watching it, listened to some old Indian music, talked about nothing in particular and got lost in our day-dreams 🙂


Later at home we had a game of Snakes and Ladders. Its been ages since we played a game together. We didn’t have the actual board with us. So my 11 yr old drew one and made chits with numbers from 1-6 to choose from 😀 . We played 2 rounds and she won both.


And lastly, I’ve been working on a small new project since 2 days – The Mantilla Doily. Making it in a solid color.


I decided to spend time on smaller, pretty projects; especially the ones that I had saved on Pinterest since I’ve already got a large one – the Moogly CAL afghan – in the works. Will put up the completed pic of the doily once done. I have more of them lined up to make 🙂

So that’s that for this week! Looking forward to reading all about yours too 🙂 !