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After a pretty long break from learning new stitches, I learned 2 new ones last week – the Spike Stitch and the Puff Spike Stitch.

I made a beanie using the Spike stitch. There are quite a few ways of doing this stitch that creates pretty geometric designs. But for this beanie I used a basic one because I was in a rush. My daughter wanted me to make it for her friend who was re-locating and had only the next day as her last at school. Made this in 1 evening. I doubt its all that perfect. But she told me her friend loved it when she got back from school 🙂 So its alright!

Photo - Beanie Spike Stitch

The written instructions with pictures for the Spike Stitch is here .

The beanie follows a standard pattern : Magic Ring, 12 DCs first round, then increases of 12DCs in each round upto the 6th round where it ends with 72 DCs. The rest of the beanie has 72 DCs each round upto desired length. I added the spike stitch rounds in-between. Between 2 spike stitch rounds, there is a Half Double Crochet round. I made only a total of 4 Spike Stitch rows. The brim consists of a DC row then 3 Front Post Double Crochet rows.

The other one I learned is the Puff Spike Stitch. Followed the video to learn it and made a swatch practicing which I later turned into an ear warmer. I think its a really pretty stitch. Resembles the star stitch a little, I feel.

Photo - Ear Warmer Puff Spike Stitch