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Apart from learning new crochet stitches, I have been recycling some lids that I’d saved from my son’s formula milk tins and I am so loving what I’ve begun to do with them. Always felt these lids would come in handy some day and that day is here :).

I’ve been working on turning them into photo frames most of last week and I’ve completed 2.


20150920_212046[1]   20150920_201228-1[1]

I had gotten myself a power punch that could punch holes in thin metals (Neiko Hand Held Power Punch). So I used that to make holes 1.5 cm apart all around the lid.

Took glossy prints of photos that I’d like displayed, cut them out round and stuck them on the base.

Then I just crocheted around the holes on the lid, added embellishments, et voila – I’ve got myself some lovely photo frames to adorn my walls!

The pink one was the first one and it was sort of a trial and error attempt. Hence, the uneven spacing of the holes. The orange one was done with a little more proper measuring and planning and so, looks a bit more neater.

I’ve got 6 more to make and plan to turn one into a fridge magnet.

Once I’m done with all, will put up another click.

What do you think?