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Wedding ring 2

Today is special.

12-years-of-being-married special.

I can’t believe its been so long! Shows just how quickly time flies (plenty of times when its just crept along, of course) and I can still see the beginning of it all.

Ours was not a love marriage. Arranged by our parents and one that he and I nodded our heads to in agreement (unthinkable for many, I know). For Indians, its a normal, everyday affair. Growing up, I had always dreamed I would marry for love. But as an adult, I was surprised to find that I felt no aversion to the idea of an arranged marriage. It is a scary idea, yes, but I found it a strangely exciting one too. Like an adventure. And I would be embarking on one with someone I barely knew. What if it’s a disaster??

But, here we are today. 12 years later.

Looking back on all these years, I can see how much we’ve evolved together. The compromises and sacrifices we’ve both made, just to be able to accommodate the other in our lives. How much we have changed each other little by little for the better and the fact that we’re still at it. And the best part, we learned the meaning of love together. We’ve made many, many mistakes and we’ve seen how forgiving love really is. No-one is perfect and we’ve learned to lean and depend on each other’s strengths in times of weakness.

Sure, there are still plenty of arguments and differences. But no more blame games. And as much as we can help it, we don’t let the sun down on our anger any more.

Not to forget the 2 lovely children we made between us. I hope they watch us and see our love more than our faults.

As we grow older, I hope too, that we will continue to love and cherish each other and each moment of our adventure together, because love endures forever.

Happy Anniversary to us.