Hello lovely people!

I can’t believe its already been 10 days since my last post! I’ve only been reading and enjoying everyone else’s whenever I get a straight 15 minutes of me-time.

Been a busy bee all these days with no time to spare. Coming back from a long holiday to a closed up apartment is quite a daunting task! Mountains of cleaning up!!

My almost 2 yr old had been behaving a bit cranky and moody too, occasionally peering out the window and sulking and flinging some angry baby talks at us. He must’ve been hoping to see the hens and the wide open green landscape that he got used to in that 1 month of being let out. The poor thing!

And not soon after we got everything squeaky clean, both the kids and the better half ended up with throaty problems that needed courses of antibiotics and hot soups!

Quite an exhausting couple of days, I tell you. I need another holiday ALL BY MYSELF just to unwind!

Now that things are finally under control, I have been able to get back a little to what I love doing. Crocheting and connecting with you all :).

More coming soon!

Have a great week ahead everyone!