Sorry folks 😦

My new website crashed and I was kindly told by the hosting people that its best to “nuke it” (a term they used for deleting the website) and re-build it again.  I know that its all part of the learning process but that still didn’t stop me from shedding a lot of tears.

So now that there is no new website to shelter that lone post on it,  I have brought it home here – although the second line doesn’t make much sense now 😦

A New Website, A Birthday and a Lovely Lacy Shawl 

16 July marks quite a few new things this year for me.

My new website is born today and yes, this is the first post on it.

I have also turned 36 today. Eeks! I am now in my late 30s although I don’t really feel it. No grey hairs. Still young at heart. Still childish and gigglish and impulsive. But I have mellowed down a bit. But just a tiny bit.

My pretty little lady made me a birthday card (a drawing actually). The cheeky little monster had no clue what to make of it all. But he stared in wonder at the card, pointed at every line and squiggle, chirped some baby talk and gasped in surprise. He’s been doing that quite a bit lately. Gasping in Surprise.

And not wanting to be left out, he tried to add his own scribble to it, which was promptly snatched back by the lady (no surprises there), resulting in lots of tears and loud howls of frustration, followed by a lot of yanking and pulling of the card which finally ended with the lady storming off tearfully and the fellow looking surprised and victorious all at the same time, holding up the crumpled card.

All this completely entertaining for me. What a fun start already 😀

Life-events update over, I have just put the finishing round to a new, pretty, over-sized lacy shawl that I have been working on based on a pattern by Annie’s and gifted it to myself :). And I just love it. Its the largest piece I have ever worked on and has turned out exactly like it does in the picture. For someone who hates the cold, I so can’t wait for winter to come knocking!!

IMAG2618_1 Shawl

To see professional pictures of the shawl, do head on over here :

Shell & Lace Shawl

Oooh! And before I forget, I shall very soon be heading home to India for a much-deserved 1 month vacation! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fun and interesting things to post when there!

That’s pretty much it for now.

Back soon!