Its been a hectic week, both at work and at home, and following a short break of “staying at home during weekends” because of the very unpleasant incident that took place 2 weeks ago here in Kuwait, we ventured out yesterday evening.

Aft20150703_212749er dinner at a small joint that served one of the best chicken tikkas, we went to the beach opposite our church.

I had never, ever been to this part of the beach considering Kuwait has a coastline of approx. 200 km with a lot of beach areas to choose from. The evening was very warm and the beach was quiet and peaceful. Quiet, mostly because it is the Holy month of Ramadan and the majority of the people were breaking their fasts at home with their family and loved ones. So we had the whole area to ourselves apart from the few cats strolling and lazing about, occasionally being screamed at and chased by my 2 cheeky monsters.

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We sat on one of the benches savoring the solitude, talking about the week that passed and planning our one-month holiday that’s due in just another 10 days. How quickly the days have flown by. We then sat and watched the tide go out and come in. Watched the twinkling lights of the boats that are far at sea. Watched the reflections of the city lights shimmering in the still waters.

A sense of calm came over me and all the stress from the week that passed just melted. I was so glad we got out and came here. Felt more at peace with myself and the world and a lot more refreshed to begin a brand new week.

Wishing you all a great week too!