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My very first Amigurumi project.

I thought making little toys like these were really a monstrous task.

But when I saw that the skill level was easy for this particular pattern by Red Heart, I mentally geared myself to at least attempt it.

And the result?

Oliver the Donkey (who’s already being flung around by his tail! Poor Oliver!)

I first thought of calling him Wonky the Donkey, because he really is a little wonky. I think its the way I sewed the legs to the body; the alignment is a little off. But its alright.. will get it right if ever I make another one 🙂

You can find find the pattern here :                                   http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/dearest-donkey


The scarf around his neck isn’t included. Its just a simple chain with 1 row of Half Double crochets and another row of double crochets.

My 18 month old helped too by poking his finger down each leg at stuffing time to fill and firm them up 🙂

Had fun making this!