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As mentioned 2 posts ago, I had joined in with the Kalevala CALΒ . Although I made my 1st square 2 weeks ago, progress on this CAL has been quite slow for me. They’re already out with their 8th Square and I’m still working on the 3rd πŸ™‚

I found this to be a challenging project and the construction of the squares that I have worked on so far has been quite tricky. The first square was relatively easy, the second one was a little intricate and the 3rd one seems to be easy in the beginning but reading the later rounds have got me looking pretty closely at the pictures to figure out what needs to be done.


The Second Square – Bluebill’s Nest (when it was a WIP)


The First Square (Ilmatar), the Second Square (Blue Bill’s Nest) and the beginnings of the Third Square (Birth of the World)

And I’m using mercerized cotton for this project.. I’ve only ever used mercerized cotton for doilies and mandalas. So this is a first for me to use this yarn for a blanket. This might end up being a light-weight one, I suppose.

The pictures of the completed blankets on their blog looks really pretty too. And there’s one in greys with a splash of pink that reminded me of my Moogly CAL blanket last year πŸ™‚

Are any of you doing this?